Courses and Seminars

Clarity can provide short sharp seminars on a number of subjects and issues or provide more in-depth courses ranging from days to weeks or long term solutions. We offer a wide range of courses including supply chain management, leadership and communication. Bespoke courses can be developed to meet your specific needs. Here is a sample of the areas we cover:

Essential Management Skills

This course is for you if you are new to management or have had no formal training. It covers all of the fundamentals skills that you will need to become more effective in your role. From understanding your role as a manager and being an effective coach through to understanding how to manage your team’s performance and developing them as individuals this course will provide you with the skills that you need.

Key Management Skills

The course is ideal if you are looking to take your management skills to the next level. You’ve most likely been a manager for a number of years and have attended basic management courses in the past. This course looks at how you can develop your emotional intelligence and advanced communication skills as well as how to “manage upwards” by making the most of your relationship with your own line manager.

Advanced Management Skills

For managers in a senior position, this course develops the individual who has experience of managing at a higher level and has attended courses covering key management skills, leadership, negotiation and communication. The course will consider the psychological aspect of people management and the development of effective and efficient business plans to achieve strategic aims.

Team Leading

Designed for personnel entering into their first leadership role, the course considers the soft skills involved in developing working relationships with stakeholders as well as achieving success from teams through effective decision making. The course is constructed to meet the needs of team leaders new to the role of management.

Communication Skills

This Course provides participants with the skills, tools and insight to make a substantial difference to the way communication happens around them, and to improve communication within their work environment. The course is suitable for those in team leading roles or first line management. 

Advanced Communication Skills

The course has been developed for those that want to look at communication in depth. It covers areas such as body language and thought processes plus a great deal more time to practise individual scenarios. You will work on developing your existing communication skills in order to handle a variety of potentially difficult situations.

Negotiation Skills

A key skill of any management professional, this course looks at the skills and tactics used by skilled negotiators from multi-national companies to achieve successful agreements. The course content and exercises provide practical advice on planning, organising and controlling negotiation meetings culminating in a role play activity allowing the attendees to practice their styles and techniques with professional feedback.

Advanced Negotiation

Aimed at seasoned professionals in a strategic role, participants will gain insights and skills to understand what is really important in your negotiation and how to secure the best outcome, through direct experience of strategy, tactics, preparation, planning, and referral to Clarity's unique Negotiation Compass model™.

Special Offers on Management Qualifications

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