Clarity has developed the most advanced learning portal in supply chain management. Our material is updated regularly to reflect the current and future expectations of the institutes and our clients. Clarity have produced an enviroment that has evolved into the most advanced learning experience available. The result is an efficient and effective way to develop which reflects the needs of modern businesses.

Our On-Line Academy allows students to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days of the year. Training and qualifications may be studied anywhere in the UK or internationally.

Our Academy is not just a depository for coursework; it is a learning experience in itself. For the intelligent organisations who are truly committed to developing a culture of competitive advantage in their organisation and the knowledge and skills of their personnel, we are the clear choice for professionals.

Often imitated but never matched, Clarity has developed the most comprehensive skills academy available today. The vast array of support material, tools and expert knowledge go beyond any services currently offered by individual training, qualification or consultancy providers.

We focus our efforts to ensure our clients optimise their resources to provide the delivery expected by their customers in a timely manner. We emphasise the importance of cost efficiency and quality management to provide them with competitive advantage.

Support can be tailored to your needs. From on-line guidance and support to face-to-face instruction. The support can be in the form of guidance or direct consultation. Support can also be developed for individual needs; those who crave a fast pace are encouraged to grow, those who prefer to develop in a more sedate manner are provided with closer direction and support.

Our teams work side by side with tutors and consultants developing tools, techniques and improvements together. In turn, tutors coach students and can advise them in a quasi-consultancy role. Clients can make use of our expertise as part of their personnel development allowing them to achieve two objectives in one - personnel development and organisational development.

Our catalogue of support includes:

  • Library
  • Presentations Hall
  • Models and Examples Room
  • Lecture Halls
  • Qualification Support Areas
  • Common Room

Student support is reserved for Clarity clients who have registered for Clarity training and development programmes and members of Professionals in Procurement and Supply. Unlimited access available 24/7, 365 days a year.